Contact form with google recaptcha in php

Contact Form With Google reCAPTCHA in PHP

Hello everyone in this article i want to explain contact form creation in PHP with Google reCAPTCHA. The main purpose of using captcha is to find out the user is really a user or robot. There are many ways to create captcha in PHP.One of the best way to use captcha is Google reCAPTCHA. In this article i have discuss contact form with Google reCAPTCHA integration in PHP.

Get Google reCAPTCHA api keys :

For adding reCAPTCHA we need to get the api keys from Google.

Get the api site key and secrete key from :

Database configuration :

Contact table :

html page :

Validate captcha :

As a result we are get the contact form with Google reCAPTCHA with jQuery form validations.

  • Rudy McDaniel

    I got everything setup and it works fine. After submission how do I get the form to go to another page instead of showing an alert on index.html? The code is great however I am not smart enough to get it to continue to a thankyou.html or something like that.