CRUD operations using jQuery and Ajax in Laravel 5.3

CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities are used in most of the web applications. Learning CRUD operations are very basic step to learn any programming language. In this article i would like to explain basic CRUD operations in laravel 5.3 using jQuery and Ajax.

Create Table 

Model (app/Student.php)

Routing (app/Http/routes.php)

Controller (app/Http/Controllers/CRUDController.php)

CRUD template

create blade template file i.e., resources/views/crud/index.blade.php 

Sample screen shorts














  • Riyaz Khan

    Nice article sir, hats off.

  • Very nice kind sir!

    I have uploaded the project on github (nwaweru/laravel-crud) and given a reference to your project.

    I hope you do not mind that. I just liked the flow and wanted to upgrade it more as I continue learning the framework.

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  • Maxime

    hey guy, i just used this, but i don’t know why I got some error : “Uncaught ReferenceError: fun_view is not defined at HTMLButtonElement.onclick ” and it’s the same error to all javascript’s function ^^ any solution? 🙂

    • Maxime

      solved by myself thx 🙂