Social Authentication in Laravel 5.3

In my previous posts Authentication with Twitter,  Authentication with Google  , Authentication with Facebook  and Authentication with Linkedin explains social authentication using Laravel socialite package as individual. Now it’s time to combine all these into one example as below. Just download this project and put api and secrete keys in config/services.php.

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Google Authentication in Laravel 5.3

Authentication with third party providers like google, facebook, twitter etc. is very common functionality in every web application. For achieve this in core php little bit difficult. But laravel makes it’s simple. Because laravel provides  Socialite package to do simple. In this article i want to explain google authentication using laravel socialite package. step 1 […]

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Image Uploading in Laravel 5.3

Image uploading in laravel is very easy. All most any dynamic web applications have this feature. In this article i would like to explain simple way to upload image. You need to careful while handling with files. For security reasons we need to validate uploaded file. Just do following step as below. Make sure give […]

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